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John Haddad

John is obsessed with food.  He is tormented, transfixed, seduced, beguiled and smitten by it.  Savory more than sweet, spicy more than hot and local and seasonal more than not.  When he is not eating, he is reading about food, shopping for food, watching television shows about it, photographing it or writing about it.

John owes his sense of gastronomic curiosity and passion to his parents; they exposed him to a wide variety of cuisines growing up.  Their day-to-day fare was a combination of Shenandoah Valley southern sprinkled with a healthy dose of Arabic and European cuisine.  Add to that whatever Julia Child or Craig Claiborne was cooking, and you get the picture.  He has worked in restaurants from his high school years and has owned a small catering business as well.

For the past several years he has written about food and restaurants for Style Weekly in Richmond, and has maintained a food blog, Epicuriousity – www.epicuriousity.net.  He has started an innovative program at Linwood Holton Elementary School, Know Your Veggies, which endeavors to expose students and their families to local and seasonal produce through interaction with local chefs and farmers.  Know Your Veggies is a pilot program in collaboration with the Richmond Public School System, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Slow Food RVa, and Chefs Move to Schools.

Contact John at johnhaddad@epicuriousity.net


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