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Stacy Luks

Stacy is a mom concerned about what her 10-year old daughter and other kids eat, a leisure/culinary travel consultant, and an olive oil hobbyist and aspiring retailer.   Stacy first became aware of seasonal, sustainably produced food while studying in Berkeley CA in 1985, when she first dined at Alice Waters’ legendary Chez Panisse.  Later she learned about Slow Food while living in Australia, where abundant fresh local and artisanal foods are a taken-for-granted part of the fabric of daily life. 

Stacy’s motivation to help start a local Slow Food chapter stemmed from a desire to tap into the growing groundswell of concerned parents, consumers, producers, food artisans and non-profits that are seeking to facilitate systemic change in our local food system.  Knowing the depth and reach of the Slow Food movement nationally and internationally, she hopes the greater Richmond area chapter can act as a bridge connecting us and our efforts here with the broader tide of changes taking hold across the country.

Stacy owns Sublime Sojourns LLC, a leisure travel consulting business, through which she serves on the SAVEUR magazine Travel Advisory Board of culinary travel specialists.  She also owns The Piquant Palate, a seasonal importer & purveyor of artisan extra virgin olive oils, olive oil tasting events and education.   

Stacy and her husband, daughter and cat live in Richmond’s Ginter Park, where, when they’re not planning their next holiday/culinary excursion, enjoy being homebodies in their wonderful neighborhood. 

Contact Stacy at stacy@sublimesojourns.com


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